February 20, 2018

Which food to avoid? Which are toxic ingredients? What ADHD diet to follow?

February 18, 2018

You will never have to worry about your ADHD child at School...

February 17, 2018

Chances are, if you're reading this, your child could benefit from some accommodations at school to help him or her perform better and be happier.

There are 3 levels of accommodations:

- Informal. These are the ones your teacher does without any prompting or requirement.

- 504 plan. These are agreed upon with the school and implementation is up to each teacher individually. The teacher is not legally required to do the accommodations and can change how they implement them at any time.

- IEP plan. These are formally agreed upon between the parents and the school and every teacher in the school is legally required to implement them and...

February 9, 2018

Believe it or not, this data has been around for a while, but many parents still don't know this, so it's worth discussing again.

Pediatrics, which is a very reputable journal, published this study way back in 2010. The researchers looked at urine samples of 1,139 kids who represented the US general population, of whom 119 were diagnosed with ADHD. The study found that there was a significant increase in the likelihood of being diagnosed with ADHD among kids with higher levels of pesticides in their urine. This applied irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, income, maternal age, and more. Pretty eye opening, isn't it?

The good new...

February 8, 2018

You can be our Angel Investor

Angel investing — hunting for a unicorn — was previously available to only the wealthiest 3% of the US population. With my campaign, anyone in the world 18 or older can invest, regardless of their accreditation, for a chance to earn a return.

You get a chance to get in on the ground floor and reap the rewards of being an early investor, as the company grows and succeeds. Plus you get to help 120 million kids have a chance at a better life. Win win.


But Seema, what is equity crowdfunding?

Equity-based crowdfunding is when you contribute money to help fund the growth of a company, a...

January 8, 2018

We achieved over 15% of our funding goal

Time to take a short inventory of what we achieved together!

  • We reviewed 100s of websites, product claims and read 100s of clinical research papers

  • Identified 12 ingredients shown in independent, peer reviewed clinical studies to measurably reduce symptoms of ADHD

  • Interviewed a dozen manufacturers,

  • Partnered with an awesome, US-based, GMP-certified, NSF-compliant manufacturer

  • Created the product formulation, flavors, taste, and packaging

  • Created a community of ADHD parents and children

  • Signed on 5 amazing team members

  • We got 3 thumbs way up from Bill, T...

January 4, 2018

Our own children are impacted by ADHD. We are insatiably curious about your needs, your dreams, your commitment to a better future for your child and the well being of your family. We have experienced the difficulties you face, we want to solve the same issues. Painstakingly deploying science for this higher purpose.

Science Powered

No matter the question, our answers are science based. We bring 12 safe, clinically tested ingredients where some other have one, and limited science. Reviewed by our pharmacist for interactions to further improve the formulation. We intend to conduct trials with our products to improve further the liv...

November 29, 2017

When your child...

  1. Dislikes or avoids activities that require paying attention for more than one or two minutes

  2. Loses interest and starts doing something else after engaging in an activity for a few moments

  3. Talks a lot more and makes more noise than other children of the same age

  4. Climbs on things when instructed not to do so

  5. Cannot hop on one foot by age 4

  6. Is nearly always restless -- wants to constantly kick or jiggle feet or twist around in his/her seat. Insists that he/she "must" get up after being seated for more than a few minutes

  7. Gets into dangerous situations because of fearlessness

  8. Wa...

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