February 20, 2018

Which food to avoid? Which are toxic ingredients? What ADHD diet to follow?

February 18, 2018

You will never have to worry about your ADHD child at School...

November 29, 2017

When your child...

  1. Dislikes or avoids activities that require paying attention for more than one or two minutes

  2. Loses interest and starts doing something else after engaging in an activity for a few moments

  3. Talks a lot more and makes more noise than other children of the same age

  4. Climbs on things when instructed not to do so

  5. Cannot hop on one foot by age 4

  6. Is nearly always restless -- wants to constantly kick or jiggle feet or twist around in his/her seat. Insists that he/she "must" get up after being seated for more than a few minutes

  7. Gets into dangerous situations because of fearlessness

  8. Wa...

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