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A natural solution that makes life easier for both parents and kids


FreshMynd's True Clarity is the first science-backed, kid-friendly, and parent-friendly natural supplement in the ADHD market. We have the highest number of individual ingredients shown in clinical studies to significantly reduce the symptoms of ADHD.


FreshMynd's True Clarity is a complete set of vitamins, minerals, oils, and herbs that have been shown in 20+ clinical studies to significantly reduce symptoms of ADHD - combined into one supplement.

It is the only ADHD supplement to include all these ingredients.


The ingredients in True Clarity have been shown in 20+ independent clinical studies to significantly reduce symptoms of ADHD. The dosage we use is the one demonstrated to be effective in the clinical studies.

It is the only ADHD supplement that use the correct dosages shown to have an impact.


Kids like taking True Clarity.


The yummy taste has been developed with guidance from our kid advisors. They love the taste and your kids will too. No pills or bitter powders.


True Clarity is manufactured in the US at a GMP-certified NSF-approved facility. That’s the highest standards in the dietary supplements industry.

All ingredients are certified to the highest purity and sourced from ethical suppliers.


The supplement is just a 15ml dose of yummy liquid, two times a day.

It is shelf-stable and easy to take on the go.



Our supplements have been tested by our panel of 6-15 yr-old kid advisors and their parents to ensure they are tasty and easy to take.

We are the only company in the ADHD care market that has kid and parent advisors to help design and test our products.

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