January 4, 2018

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Top 5 Things to know about Food for successful ADHD children

February 20, 2018

Stack the Odds in favor of your child... 


Dear Friend,


To say the odds are stacked against children with ADHD by the Food Industry is a huge understatement...

  • They have temper tantrums because they are sensitive to foods 

  • Impulsive because of sugar

  • Sleepless due to dyes

  • Fidgety on caffeine

You are never going to have to worry again about what your child should eat with the resources FreshMynd brings...



Avoiding these Foods Dramatically Reduces ADHD In Children, Study Shows





Avoiding sugars (yes, even artificial ones), dyes and caffeine show significant mental health benefits for children, according to a recent study... and then do you know there are some very common awful additives?






Which Food additives to watch out for?

The answer will surprise you...





Reclaim balance in the house by avoiding these very common ingredients... and improve your own health at the same time! Armed with the basics now some tips on the overall diet:


The Easy ADHD diet helps 1 out of 4 people achieve success and feel great... Dr. Cowan reveals the surprising food that is the single most toxic for children with ADHD in this video.



The Easy ADHD Diet





Armed with this approach, there is research by top Hospitals (Kaiser Permanente and Cedars of Lebanon in Los Angeles, CA) which will take your family well-being to the next level:




The World Famous Diet Top Doctors recommend





New research has found that every child's ADHD is different. Personalized treatments are being developed in every field and show early promising results. At FreshMynd we are science and fact-based. Reclaim the fun of an ADHD free life with our help.



Apply these tips and see your child become the healthy, smart and happy ninja of your dreams. Enjoy quality time at home with pleasurable wholesome and easy to prepare meals.

If you like this blog post, please share on Social Media and let us know in the comments if these tips were useful and what else you would like us to cover further. 

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