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Join our Parent and Kid Advisory Panel and help guide our product decisions.


We love feedback and we want our supplements to be the best they can be. This is why we've formed a Parent and Kid Advisory Panel to help guide our decisions. You get free trial supplement for testing, 50% off your purchase if you decide to buy, and the support of a community of other parents and kids like you.

Free trial supplement & 50% off to buy

You will receive free supplement to test and provide feedback. In addition, you get 50% off the regular price on our supplement, if you choose to purchase. No purchase is necessary to be on the panel.

Continuous feedback

As an active member of the panel, you commit to use the free trial supplement as directed, give feedback each week, respond promptly to questions we email or text you, and take part in remote or in-person focus groups at least 2 times per year.

Community support

We are creating a community around our common problem to identify solutions, share ideas, and support each other. Meet other parents and kids dealing with similar issues, share your wins and setbacks, and find support.

Complete privacy

Rest assured that we will never reveal or share your individual personal information or that of your children to other parents or 3rd parties outside the company without your consent.

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