January 4, 2018

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Study Links ADHD to Pesticides

February 9, 2018


Believe it or not, this data has been around for a while, but many parents still don't know this, so it's worth discussing again.


Pediatrics, which is a very reputable journal, published this study way back in 2010. The researchers looked at urine samples of 1,139 kids who represented the US general population, of whom 119 were diagnosed with ADHD. The study found that there was a significant increase in the likelihood of being diagnosed with ADHD among kids with higher levels of pesticides in their urine. This applied irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, income, maternal age, and more. Pretty eye opening, isn't it?


The good news is that researchers think that pesticides pass out of your body pretty quickly. The most common way that kids are exposed to pesticides is from the fruits and vegetables they touch and the food they eat.


Buying organic is easier than ever. If the local grocery store is too expensive, try farmer's markets or "eat local" grocery delivery services. If you have the time and enthusiasm, grow vegetables and fruits in your yard. The kids will love it and you can ensure they are organic and healthy for your family.


No one knows if reducing the amount of pesticides in your body results in reduced ADHD symptoms, but it's definitely worth a try.





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